The travelling heart project

This week I received an interesting package in the mail. It was a tiny hand-made material heart. My heart was numbered 99 and attached to it was a message of love and thanks. I was so touched that someone had taken the time to thank me.

I soon discovered that my little heart was part of the Travelling Heart Project– where people can adopt hearts and send them all over the world to the important people in their life. Looking on the website, I see that hearts have been sent to victims of the Queensland floods and to those who have helped out those affected families and businesses. What a wonderful way to let strangers know that we are thinking of them in hard times or appreciating the work they do.

I have decided to send my heart to Lenka in London who mentored me with such generosity and kindness in my first job as a psychologist . There are so many people who deserve our love and thanks and this is an easy way to express our gratitude. Research  has clearly demonstrated that our level of happiness increases when we feel and show gratitude, so visit and adopt some hearts today.

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