Parenting an adult

Yesterday my 18 year old son finished his final exams. He was ecstatic. I was in tears. Because he’d been so chilled throughout the exam period, there was no relief for me that it was all over. And because he’s passed that non-communicative stage, he’s been fabulous company this past year. And in the last few weeks, he’s been home most nights – sitting with us chatting (as a fabulous procrastination strategy). So what happens now? How much will I see him? He’s got a few part-time jobs to pay for all the partying he’s planning to do so there won’t be much time spent chilling at home.

While he lives under our roof, obviously there are still some basic rules to follow, but how much parenting am I allowed to do? He no longer wants his bank account to be linked to mine. He doesn’t want me waiting up for him. He doesn’t want me worrying about him. Sorry mate, but that last one’s not going to happen. I’m never going to stop worrying about you. I’m always going to want to parent you.

So my Buzz Lightyear here’s what I promise:

  • I won’t comment on your clothes or hair
  • I’ll try to fall asleep before you come home
  • I won’t expect you home every night for dinner
  • I’ll let you manage your own money
  • I’ll try not to say “drive carefully” or “stay safe” every time you leave the house
  • I’ll always love you no matter what
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