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The danger of false attributions

The Cancer Council NSW released the results of a study last week that found that cancer patients were more likely to blame external factors such as stress or genetics for their disease than internal factors such as smoking or a … Continue reading

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The younger sibling of anger can be just as mysterious, just as damaging to relationships, and sometimes harder to shake than its big brother. How often have you woken up feeling irritable for no reason? Anything can set you off … Continue reading

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Handling a teenager’s meltdown

Babies cry when they want food or comfort. Toddlers and preschoolers throw tantrums. Primary aged children make it very clear when they are overtired or overwhelmed. But when an adolescent has a meltdown, it can be very hard to know … Continue reading

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Family life forums

Just over a week to go before I hit the road with Mia Freedman to talk at the family life forums. Rebecca Sparrow & Paula Joye are also setting off on their road trip. We are starting in NSW, before … Continue reading

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As they said on Avatar: I see you

When a client comes into my office, it is essential that I attune to their emotional state. If they are depressed, I speak softly, I allow space for pauses and silence, and I gently smile while listening intently. If another … Continue reading

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