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The magic of big words

Children learn to talk when they hear their parents speak. We mostly use age appropriate language with our kids. But sometimes, using words that are beyond their years really comes in handy. Let’s start with those toddlers. If a young … Continue reading

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What you say might not be what they hear

I had a lovely client in this week who couldn’t understand why he was having trouble communicating with his wife. Her reactions baffled him. He said it wasn’t hormonal. Admirably, he was taking responsibility for what was happening. Clearly, he … Continue reading

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Why criticism is easier to give than praise

Yesterday I heard a radio host announce that he had received an email full of praise. He was obviously pleased, but genuinely shocked to have received anything but criticism. The announcer’s comments reminded me of a client I saw recently … Continue reading

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Getting a good night’s sleep

The evidence is clear – getting enough sleep is essential for good mental and physical health. A lack of sleep can cause mood disturbance, weight gain, increases in blood pressure, memory and concentration difficulties, and irritability. But worrying about sleep … Continue reading

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