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Helping a friend through grief

Watching a friend struggling with the pain of grief is distressing. We can feel paralysed as we sit on the sidelines feeling helpless. In truth, we are anything but helpless. We are desperately needed by our grieving friend. He or … Continue reading

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Forget the “facts”

How often have you and a partner argued over what was said or done? Often, issues go unresolved because so much time, energy and angst is spent arguing over the minor details. Couples come to counselling wanting to learn skills … Continue reading

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It’s not about you

One of the harshest sayings can also be the most powerful strategy for combating a fear of rejection. Think back to the last time you felt rejected. Maybe a friend snubbed you. Perhaps a co-worker was very cold or your … Continue reading

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Everyone’s an analyst

It happened again on Saturday night. When people discover that you’re a psychologist, they want to know if you analyse everyone you meet. They seem almost disappointed to learn that we don’t. In fact, we don’t really even analyse people … Continue reading

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