Happy Father’s Day Dad

It’s been 22 years since I spent a Father’s Day with my Dad. But today I will think of him, as I do almost every day. I can’t hug him or laugh at his bad jokes. I can’t groan as he takes forever to deal the cards and I can’t enjoy his chili mudcrab. I can’t introduce him to his grandchildren and I can’t tell him how much I love him. But I can still feel a deep connection with him.

Every time I do a reverse park, I thank him for being such a great teacher. Every time I see or hear a plane, I smile at the memory of him loving to fly. I try (but fail) to stay up if my kids are studying for exams because he would stay up with me. I try to drive my children anywhere if it means keeping them safe, because that’s what he did for me. I try to treat everyone equally and with compassion because that’s what he did. And most importantly, I am trying to develop a close relationship with my son and daughter, because I cherish the 23 years I had with my Dad.

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