Why are we so fascinated by the TomKat divorce?

Not since Tom divorced Nicole have I been asked so much about a celebrity split. This time of course, it’s Tom and Katie. We were somewhat shocked by the former, but not by the latter. We expect Hollywood couples to struggle as a result of living in the spotlight. Are we secretly pleased that they struggle? Do we sometimes compare our own lives and relationships to those of celebrities and feel just a little superior?

Their relationship and its demise has all the markings of a movie script and everyone has a theory on what went wrong, including me. But we need to remember that there are real people involved here – including a very young girl. Just because we have seen a lot of the couple over the past 5-6 years doesn’t mean that we know what went on behind closed doors.

I believe that a lot of us are fascinated by TomKat because despite having it all, they struggle like the rest of us. Money doesn’t protect you from heartache. You can be famous and beautiful and still left wondering what went wrong. We all make mistakes. So perhaps our fascination really boils down to the simple realisation that we are all human.

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