Consider all options

Humans, like animals don’t cope well with feeling trapped. We can feel trapped in a bad relationship, in a job we hate, or in a debt cycle. Like animals, when we feel trapped, we freeze – we feel paralysed and can’t see the way out. That paralysis is often due to the fact that there is no perfect solution. You can’t end a relationship without there being some pain. There will always be consequences when changing jobs. Getting out of debt is not easy.

To stop feeling trapped, you need to consider all options – no matter how stupid some of them seem. A good old fashioned brain storming session is what’s needed. That’s when you write down absolutely every idea that comes into your head. Don’t weigh up the options until you have considered everything. Once you see there is more than one choice, the feeling of being trapped decreases.

The next step is accepting that there is no perfect solution. This acceptance makes some of the options more appealing. And to find the best option? There’s nothing wrong with writing down the pros and cons. Bearing in mind that there will always be cons, assess which option has the most beneficial pros and the least damaging cons.

Easier said than done? No. Start considering all options and decision making becomes much easier.

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