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Do you believe in a fair and just world?

How often do you find yourself thinking: That’s not fair? Without even knowing it, you could be holding a false belief in a fair and just world. Thinking this way can be a real burden to carry through life. It … Continue reading

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Fear of failure

One of the most common problems I see is also the most misunderstood – having a fear of failure. You’d think that anyone who was frightened of failure would avoid it at all costs. But no – people who have … Continue reading

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Surviving exams

 Many students are about to sit their final exams. Some families seem to breeze through this time and others find it all incredibly stressful. It all depends on the family dynamics and the student’s attitude towards study. If there … Continue reading

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What is empathy?

Think back to the last time a friend told you that they had been struggling with a bad back. Or the last time your partner told you that he or she was feeling exhausted. What did you do? What did … Continue reading

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