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Mental Health Myths

At least 20-25% of us will experience a mental health issue at some point in our lives. Having a mental health issue is incredibly tough. Ignorance in the community just increases the stigma. Here is my attempt to bust some … Continue reading

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Forget the tone

Don’t use that tone with me! Watch your tone young lady! It was the tone of your voice that upset me. I am always hearing people commenting on the tone of what was said to them, as if there is … Continue reading

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Talking to children about disasters

Most adults are feeling overwhelmed by the devastation experienced so far in 2011 – floods in Queensland and Victoria, the earthquake in Christchurch and now the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Many people are commenting that they are feeling … Continue reading

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Is this man available?

If he’s married, he’s unavailable. If he’s living in a de facto relationship, he’s unavailable. If he’s dating someone else or he’s grieving the loss of his last relationship, he’s unavailable. Sound simple? It is simple, but sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading

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Toxic friends

Friendships are one of the most important parts of life. Research has shown that in many ways, our friends have a greater influence over us than our partners or family – whether we are 15 or 45. When we are … Continue reading

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