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What if?

If there’s one question that paralyses more than any other, it’s: What if ………. ? What if I hadn’t gone back to turn off the heater? What if I’d slept in 5 more minutes? What if I had arrived half … Continue reading

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Encouraging children to have opinions

Children who are encouraged to have opinions from an early age are given a distinct advantage over those who are not. As an adult, being able to express your views and stand up for yourself is rewarded. While we don’t … Continue reading

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We all crave validation. We want the important people in our lives to acknowledge how we feel, whether or not they feel the same way. When we don’t feel validated, we don’t feel understood and rightly or wrongly, we can … Continue reading

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Yes but…..

I try to practice tolerance. Yet I really struggle with one particular phrase: “Yes, but…” It’s a phrase I hear twenty times a day. It will always be the first words out of my children’s mouths whenever I offer my … Continue reading

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