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When stressed – add something to your day

Whenever we are feeling overwhelmed, we immediately think about what we could drop from our schedule. Do I have to clean the house today? Can I skip that meeting? Maybe I  won’t go to the gym this afternoon. Unfortunately, deleting … Continue reading

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Ask a person in need for help

When we need help, we usually steer clear of those who are in obvious need themselves. If we lose a loved one for example, we don’t want to burden a friend who is also grieving. If we need someone to … Continue reading

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Advertise adulthood

What do our children think when they look at us? They see stressed and tired adults with a never ending list of chores. They hear us apologising for having to stay late at work and complaining about our jobs. They … Continue reading

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It should come as no surprise that many people have relationship difficulties with their in-laws. Why should the families of the two people who have decided to spend their life together necessarily get on? Sometimes, it seems that all you … Continue reading

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