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Home alone

How young is too young to leave your child home alone? Until they become adults, children are the legal responsibility of their parents. So if there is any doubt in your mind about leaving your child home alone, then don’t … Continue reading

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Time for a reality check

How well do you know yourself? How realistic is your thinking? Do you really need to be preparing for the worst? Is your memory serving you correctly? There are so many times when we could all do with a quick … Continue reading

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Lighten up

We laugh a lot in counselling sessions. Despite the intensity of the discussions, there is nearly always something to laugh at. We laugh at the trivial things that trigger such strong reactions. We laugh at how unrealistic expectations can be. … Continue reading

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The dangers of defensiveness

Most of us do it. We automatically become defensive at the slightest hint of criticism. We cannot bear to leave an accusation hanging in the air, no matter how trivial that accusation may be. We falsely believe that by defending … Continue reading

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