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The benefits of lying

Ask many people and they will tell you that the one thing they can’t tolerate is lying – not in their partner, not in their friends and not in their children. But what kind of world would it be if … Continue reading

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Fear of negative evaluation

Most of us fear something. You might be afraid of heights or spiders or of speaking in public. We live with many of our fears because we don’t have to face them every day. We can go for weeks or … Continue reading

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Staying Adult

When someone close to us gets upset, it’s very hard not to nurture them. We wrap our arms around them and want to take away their pain. In short, we become somewhat like a parent in that moment. When another … Continue reading

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It’s better to give than to receive

We can all relate to the excitement of choosing a perfect gift for someone special. Nothing beats that feeling when the gift hits the spot and is received with enthusiasm and gratitude. Shouting a friend dinner feels good. Giving to … Continue reading

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