It’s better to give than to receive

We can all relate to the excitement of choosing a perfect gift for someone special. Nothing beats that feeling when the gift hits the spot and is received with enthusiasm and gratitude. Shouting a friend dinner feels good. Giving to charity feels wonderful. And it feels wrong not to compliment the creator of a fabulous meal or an amazing performance. So far, so good.

But let me take this whole idea of giving a little bit further. It’s just as important to learn how to receive. Think about it. How annoying is it when a friend always insists on paying for your coffee? How frustrating is it when a friend refuses to accept a compliment and raves about your outfit instead? How disappointing is it when a family member always exchanges every gift they receive? If you can’t accept a compliment, gift, or an offer to pay, then you are taking away the other person’s pleasure in giving. I should know. I lost a wonderful friend when I failed to graciously accept a generous gift.

So let people give to you. Let them help you. Let them compliment you. And remember that one of the greatest gifts of all is the gift of receiving.

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