Bringing out the best in each other

Do you like who you’ve become since you and your partner have been together?

Do you partially credit your partner for helping you become nicer, more tolerant, calmer, more courageous and adventurous, less chaotic, more creative, more confident, or simply a better person?

In strong relationships, we bring out the best in each other. Tolerance and encouragement far outweigh criticism and contempt. There is no need for envy and competition when you want your partner to be the best person he or she can be.

If you don’t like who you’ve become since being together, then it’s time to analyse why. If you have become angrier, jealous, less confident, controlling, or critical, then you may not be in a healthy relationship. But before you do anything drastic, check to see if you’re both doing all you can to bring out the best in each other.

To bring out the best in your partner:

  • Show them that they are unconditionally loved
  • Accept their weaknesses
  • Support their dreams
  • Encourage their attempts to change
  • Give honest feedback
  • Pick your fights
  • Treat them better than you do others
  • Keep their secrets


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