Mixed messages

Most of us have been confused by mixed messages at some point in our lives. Most commonly, mixed messages can be sent out in the early days of a relationship or around the time of a break-up. But while we all know how confusing it is to be on the receiving end, many people are oblivious to the fact that they’re sending out mixed signals themselves. Common examples of mixed messages include:

  • Any kind of drunken text
  • Post break-up sex
  • On and off relationships
  • Flirting outrageously with someone in whom you have no interest
  • Saying you’re not ready for a relationship, but continuing to date
  • Saying that you’re not interested in someone, but finishing texts and emails with xx
  • Saying that you are ready to commit, but baulking at any talk of the future
  • Suggesting getting together to discuss breaking up (again)
  • Suggesting a catch-up one month after breaking off the relationship
  • Inviting someone to a special occasion after having rejected the idea of a relationship with them

Sometimes mixed messages allow us to stay in denial because we don’t want to face the truth. But they can really stop people moving on with their lives, so think before you send that text or issue that invitation.

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